Module mysql.exceptions

Exceptions defined by mysql-native.


MYX An exception type to distinguish exceptions thrown by this package.
MYXInvalidatedRange Thrown when attempting to use a range that's been invalidated.
MYXNoResultRecieved Thrown when the executed query, unexpectedly, did not produce a result set.
MYXNotPrepared Deprecated - No longer thrown by mysql-native.
MYXProtocol Received invalid data from the server which violates the MySQL network protocol. (Quite possibly mysql-native's fault. Please file an issue if you receive this.)
MYXReceived The server sent back a MySQL error code and message. If the server is 4.1+, there should also be an ANSI/ODBC-standard SQLSTATE error code.
MYXResultRecieved Thrown when a result set was returned unexpectedly.
MYXStaleConnection Thrown when a stale connection to the server is detected.
MYXWrongFunction Common base class of MYXResultRecieved and MYXNoResultRecieved.