Struct FieldDescription

A struct representing a field (column) description packet.

struct FieldDescription ;

These packets, one for each column are sent before the data of a result set, followed by an EOF packet.


this (packet) Construct a FieldDescription from the raw data packet


binary[get] boolBinary from flags
charSet[get] ushortThe character set in force
db[get] stringDatabase name for column as string
flags[get] FieldFlagsColumn flags - unsigned, binary, null and so on
isenum[get] boolIs-enum from flags
isset[get] boolIs-set (a SET column that is) from flags
length[get] uintThe 'length' of the column as defined at table creation
name[get] stringColumn name as string - this could be an alias
notNull[get] boolNotNull from flags
originalName[get] stringReal column name as string
originalTable[get] stringReal table name for column as string
scale[get] ubytePrecision for floating point values
table[get] stringTable name for column as string - this could be an alias as in 'from tablename as foo'
type[get] SQLTypeThe type of the column hopefully (but not always) corresponding to enum SQLType. Only the low byte currently used.
unsigned[get] boolUnsigned from flags

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