Class Connection

A class representing a database connection.

class Connection ;

If you are using Vibe.d, consider using mysql.pool.MySQLPool instead of creating a new Connection directly. That will provide certain benefits, such as reusing old connections and automatic cleanup (no need to close the connection when done).

// Suggested usage:

	auto con = new Connection("host=localhost;port=3306;user=joe;pwd=pass123;db=myappsdb");
	scope(exit) con.close();

	// Use the connection


this (host, user, pwd, db, port, capFlags) Construct opened connection.


charSet[get] ubyteCurrent character set
closed[get] boolCheck whether this Connection is still connected to the server, or if the connection has been closed.
currentDB[get] stringCurrent database
hasPending[get] boolGets whether anything (rows, headers or binary) is pending. New commands cannot be sent on a connection while anything is pending (the pending data will automatically be purged.)
lastCommandID[get] ulongThis gets incremented every time a command is issued or results are purged, so a mysql.result.ResultRange can tell whether it's been invalidated.
lastInsertID[get] ulongAfter a command that inserted a row into a table with an auto-increment ID column, this method allows you to retrieve the last insert ID.
protocol[get] ubyteReturn the in-force protocol number.
resultFieldDescriptions[get] FieldDescription[]Gets the result header's field descriptions.
rowsPending[get] boolGets whether rows are pending.
serverCapabilities[get] uintServer capability flags
serverStatus[get] ushortServer status
serverVersion[get] stringServer version
socketType[get] mysql.protocol.sockets.MySQLSocketTypeSocket type being used, Phobos or Vibe.d


close () Explicitly close the connection.
enableMultiStatements (on) Enable multiple statement commands.
isRegistered (prepared) Is the given statement registered on this connection as a prepared statement?
parseConnectionString (cs) Parses a connection string of the form "host=localhost;port=3306;user=joe;pwd=pass123;db=myappsdb"
pingServer () Check the server status.
purgeResult () Flush any outstanding result set elements.
reconnect () Reconnects to the server using the same connection settings originally used to create the Connection.
refreshServer (flags) Refresh some feature(s) of the server.
register (prepared) Manually register a prepared statement on this connection.
release (prepared) Manually release a prepared statement on this connection.
releaseAll () Manually release all prepared statements on this connection.
selectDB (dbName) Select a current database.
serverStats () Get a textual report on the server status.