Function prepare

Submit an SQL command to the server to be compiled into a prepared statement.

SafePrepared prepare (
  Connection conn,
  const(char[]) sql
) @safe;

This will automatically register the prepared statement on the provided connection. The resulting SafePrepared can then be used freely on ANY Connection, as it will automatically be registered upon its first use on other connections. Or, pass it to Connection.register if you prefer eager registration.

Internally, the result of a successful outcome will be a statement handle - an ID - for the prepared statement, a count of the parameters required for execution of the statement, and a count of the columns that will be present in any result set that the command generates.

The server will then proceed to send prepared statement headers, including parameter descriptions, and result set field descriptions, followed by an EOF packet.


MYX if the server has a problem.


conn The connection to use.
sql The SQL statement to prepare.